Monday, August 30, 2010

Fannie Mae Foreclosure

There is a new Fannie Mae foreclosure in Dyersburg,Tn. Actually it is not new but just listed by a different company at a reduced price. It was listed by a real estate agent in Milan, then auctioned off(but Fannie Mae did not approve the winning bid $156,000) so now Randy Lankford has it listed at $199,900.

This 5 bedroom 4 bath has lots of room including a 2 car garage.If you would like to view this house then make an offer, please call me at 731-589-7841.

Update: 09/14/10This property has now been taken away from lankford and will be put in a bulk auction where they bundle several properties together(from all over the country) and sell to the highest bidder. This high bidder in turn will then turn around and list the individual properties with a Realtor to again sell. So, please come back here as I will keep the status updated and more than likely I will still be able to sell you this property.

Friday, August 20, 2010

New Fannie Mae Dyersburg Foreclosure

Ok folks hot off the press, a new Dyersburg Fannie Mae foreclosure. This was listed this morning and for the next 16 days they are only taking bids from people who plan to occupy the property.

Here is a link to the 3 bedroom 2 bath Dyersburg foreclosure and at a price of only $35,000, it is a real steal of a deal.

I looked at the tax card and the last owner paid $62,000 for the house in 2006. If you have an interest in buying this foreclosure, I would suggest you contact me right away. My cell number is 731-589-7841.

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Dyersburg foreclosures On My Website?

The other day a lady from California contacted me and said she has been reading this blog for about a year. She really wasn't aware of the button links over on the right side of the blog.

She did however find my website and called me about new Dyersburg foreclosures on that site.After investigating the foreclosure houses she found on there I determined that hosts my site) has contracted with one of the companies who charge for information. Let me tell you as I told you in an earlier post, you do not have to pay for this information. I will give it to you here for free. As it turns out those houses she called me about are not really foreclosures yet as people were still living there. After a home goes into foreclosure and bank bids it back in on courthouse steps, then that bank will assign the house to a Realtor, either in town or out of town. The out of town Realtors' listings can be seen by clicking on the links over on the right side. As far as seeing what a Dyersburg Realtor has just listed, go to my website and search for homes. I have idx which will allow you to search our entire mls.

Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Three Great Deals On Dyersburg Hud Foreclosures

Currently there are three great deals on Dyersburg Hud foreclosures. They are:

1. 1631 Schaffer - 3 bedroom 2 bath w/in ground pool priced at $36,000

2. 1480 Keats - 3 bedroom 2 bath on slab priced at $38,000

3. 1820 Johnson - 2 bedroom 1 bath priced at only $34,000

I have a Hud key in my pocket so call me to view any and all of these Dyersburg foreclosures. My cell number is 731-589-7841.
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