Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New Dyersburg Area Foreclosure

There is a new foreclosure listed and the address is 233 Vicki Street in Goodhope subdivision. Leon has it listed and he states that this house needs very few repairs.

Priced at $39,900 this house should sell pretty quick. It is a 3 bedroom 1 bath brick house on a 90'x230' lot.

Call or text Mike at 731-589-7841 to view and purchase this house.

Friday, January 13, 2012

Still More Dyersburg Foreclosures Coming

There are still more Dyersburg foreclosures coming.I just looked at my notebook and there are about 10 different properties slated to auction off on the Dyer County courthouse steps during the rest of January. Right now for February, there are only 6 recorded for auction but that number will probable triple by the end of January.

That will complete the foreclosure process on those houses. If an investor does not purchase them(investors getting about 10% of them right now), they will very soon after auction date be assigned to a Realtor either in our area or from outside the area.

I get calls everyday asking about houses coming up for auction and I am always glad to give out that information for free.

Call or text Mike at 731-589-7841 for information or to view any foreclosures in the Dyersburg area.

Monday, January 2, 2012

Today January 2, 2012 Dyersburg Foreclosures

Today is Monday January 2, 2012. I am in the office working. I noticed lots of visitors on this Dyersburg foreclosures site yesterday and today and was reminded that many of you are still home for the holidays.

Call me(Mike Frazier) today on my direct number 731-589-7841 if you want to discuss any of the dyersburg foreclosures you see here. Most of the foreclosures here are under the Fannie Mae foreclosure button over on the right side.
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