Friday, February 19, 2010

New Dyersburg Foreclosures Blogsite

Today I decided to create a new blog site to discuss and list foreclosures in the Dyersburg area market.

These foreclosures will be HUD foreclosures, Fannie Mae foreclosures, Ginnie Mae foreclosures, Freddie Mac foreclosures,VA foreclosures, Farmers Home foreclosures and regular bank foreclosures.

Today I noticed 3 new Hud foreclosures. The first one is in Finley about 3 miles west of Dyersburg. The address is 90 Benjamin Drive and is priced at $101,000. The second house is located about 5 miles northeast of Dyersburg and the address is 360 Lexie Cobb road. that house is priced at $120,000. The third Hud foreclosure is located about 2 -3 miles northwest of Dyersburg and the address is 966 Kelly Road. Here is the link to the current Dyer County Hud foreclosures.

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