Thursday, July 29, 2010

Deals As Good As Dyersburg Foreclosures

Did you realize that property values for Dyersburg real estate and Dyer County real estate have fallen from 10-30% in the last two years?

There are so many people looking for Dyersburg foreclosures and many will never buy.

Here is what most people don't understand. With property values down so low and interest rates at historic lows(30 yr conventional 4.375%,15 yr conventional 3.875%), house payments will seem like payments being made on foreclosures.

Most people wait until they think they have seen the bottom of prices but most never catch the bottom and if and when they do then interest rates have already bounced back up.

Right now may just be the best time to grab that good deal on a house and good deal on a mortgage. I am ready to assist you with your Dyersburg real estate purchase whether it be on a foreclosure or value priced home.

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