Thursday, December 23, 2010

New Hud foreclosure Near Dyersburg

Looking on my newest Hud link over on the right(Hud Homestore) I see a new Hud foreclosure near Dyersburg. Actually the house is in the Bogota community. The address is 29 Highway 103 Bogota, Tn 38007.

Hud acquired the property back in Aug for $96,129 and the courthouse has a value of $76,200 on the property. The previous owner(before Hud) purchased the property in November 2008 for $88,000.

Hud has this property on the market for $48,200 and it is a 3 br 2ba brick. Here is a link to the listing. I am a Hud registered broker so can show you the house and present your bid/offer.

For the next 8 days they will only open bids from people who plan to live in the property.

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