Tuesday, May 3, 2011

Dyersburg Foreclosures-5 on the courthouse steps today

Today there is scheduled to be 5 different Dyersburg foreclosures auctioned off on the Dyer County courthouse steps. Actually all the auctions I have been to or conducted at the courthouse were inside in main lobby.

The auctions slated for today are as follows:

1. 615 Harrison Road at 11am
2. 1704 Whitney Young at 11am
3. 2028 Cecil Drive at 11am
4. 77 Powell Road at 12 noon
5. 137 Chris Drive at 12 noon

My guess is on half of these, the auctioneer either will not show up(owner trying to work out a deal) or they will be cancelled. For the remaining properties, my guess is that the banks that have the mortgages will bid in a high amount and then they will own the properties and will ask a Dyersburg Realtor to sell them for them. Occasionally, the bidding starts so low that an outsider offers the high bid and buys the property.

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